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We hate cubicles. But, my goodness, we do love our garlic! At our family farm in Northern Colorado, we’ve been hard at work to bring you, what we think is, the best naturally grown garlic in the country. Every ounce of garlic on this site was planted by hand, weeded by hand, and harvested by hand, and when we say, “by hand,” we mean our hands. We’re convinced that every ounce of effort we put into our garlic translates into better, fresher, and fuller flavor on the dinner table. bon appétit!….
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Purple Stripe Garlic

Chesnok Red – OUT OF STOCK

This is possibly the most popular variety of heirloom garlic on the market. Also known as Shvelisi for the village in the Republic of Georgia from which it was first gathered, Chesnok Red is a vigorous variety producing unusually large bulbs with an average of 9-10 generously sized cloves. Particularly well-suited to baking, Chesnok Red has a rich, sweet flavor with no heat.

Persian Star – OUT OF STOCK

Also known as Samarkand after its native home in Uzbekistan, Persian Star is widely regarded as one of the more visually attractive garlic varieties. Marked by deep purple streaks, this garlic has a typical clove yield of 6-8 per bulb. Persian Star offers a full flavor with minimal heat.

Purple Glazer – OUT OF STOCK

Another variety hailing from the Republic of Georgia, Purple Glazer has fat white cloves with deep purple streaks.   Purple Glazer has a strong flavor with no heat and minimal aftertaste.

Red Rezan – OUT OF STOCK

A natively Russian variety, Red Rezan bears a purple and silver coloration. Each bulb will yield roughly 8-15 cloves.   Red Rezan has a complex flavor with mid-range heat and is well suited to cooking with meat or vegetables.

Siberian – OUT OF STOCK

This variety migrated to the US by way of Alaskan fishermen trading with Siberian subsistence farmers. Despite its origin in colder climes, Siberian is an excellent performer in both hot and cold environments. Another purple streaked garlic, Siberian bulbs yield an average of 5-9 fat cloves each.   Siberian has a milder garlic flavor that does well as a complementary spice that will not overwhelm other flavors.

Porcelain Garlic


A vigorous Italian cultivar, Music outperformed all other varieties in trials at Michigan State University yielding 13,500 pounds of garlic per acre! Each of its large bulbs yield 4-8 substantial cloves, and its flavor has been described as rich with a mild spiciness.

German White – OUT OF STOCK

Also known as German Extra-Hardy, this Hardneck variety is popular in the Northeast due to its strong resistance against the cold. It has a strong, full flavor, and each bulb yields 4-5 large cloves.

Northern White – OUT OF STOCK

With an origin tracing back to northern Germany, Northern White does exceptionally well in cold climates, perhaps more so than any other variety. Its large bulbs yield an average of 6 fat cloves per bulb. Like many other garlic from cold climates, Northern White has a robust, spicy flavor.

Georgian Crystal – OUT OF STOCK

Collected from the intermountain region in the central part of the Republic of Georgia, this variety yields mammoth cloves that often cause it to be mistaken for the misnamed Elephant Garlic (which is actually a leek). The large white bulbs will typically yield 4-6 large, fat cloves.   Georgian Crystal gives a strong, clean garlic flavor, but it lacks the pungently biting quality of many other Porcelains.

Georgian Fire – OUT OF STOCK

Native to the same part of the Republic of Georgia as the Georgian Crystal variety, Georgian Fire has a spicier kick than its neighbor. It also tends to yield more cloves per bulb (generally 6-8 each).

Polish Hardneck – OUT OF STOCK

Also known as Polish Carpathian, Polish Hardneck migrated from Poland and is now widely grown throughout the Northeast and Northwest US. Its resiliency has made it a favorite among garlic growers in less favorable climates. The dark green plant yields large bulbs with 4-6 large cloves.   Polish Hardneck has a strong, hot, lingering flavor.

Romanian Red – OUT OF STOCK

This variety made its first North American appearance in British Columbia after coming across the Atlantic from Romania. Regarded as among the more disease-resistant garlic strains, Romanian Red yields large bulbs with a relatively small number of very large cloves (typically 4 or 5). The variety is also marked by a distinctly red and purple coloration.   Romanian Red has a very strong garlic flavor, is a bit hot when raw, and has a slightly nutty after taste.

Turban Garlic

Amish White – OUT OF STOCK

Also known as Amish Rocambole, this variety has a very strong, hot, lingering flavor. A lively growing cultivar, Amish Rocambole grows better in areas that have cold winters. Each blub yields an average of 8-10 good-sized cloves.

German Giant – OUT OF STOCK

Beyond its large size, German Giant has become popular for its strong, spicy flavor. Many believe it to be one of the best tasting garlics available. Off-white often with deep purple streaks, German Giant bulbs yield an average of 6-8 cloves each.

Artichoke Garlic


Inchelium Red is native to an area along the Columbia River in Inchelium, Washington. Inchelium Red plants are renowned for their vigorous growth, with a well-developed bulb yielding an average of 8-20 cloves.   The cloves have a robust though mild (no heat) flavor that will not overpower the consumer, and the 1990 Rodale Kitchens taste test named Inchelium Red its top-rated Softneck garlic.


Also known as “Tochliavri” for the small Republic of Georgia village from which it hails, Red Toch boasts a beautiful appearance being streaked in distinctive reds and pinks. Another vigorous member of the Artichoke family, the Red Toch variety produces 12 to 18 cloves in a typical bulb.   The widely celebrated flavor has been described by famed garlic symposium organizer Darrell Merrell as “not too mild, not too hot”, and having “a mellow spicy tang with a fragrant aroma.”

Thermadrone – OUT OF STOCK

Hailing from France, where it is grown as a commercial garlic, Thermadrone was imported to the US for commercial testing on American soil. Like the other members of the Artichoke family, this softneck variety yields a bountiful 12-20 cloves per typical bulb.   Thermadrone has a hearty garlic flavor with an unusual, Dijon-mustard-like hint to it that has made it popular in the US.

Chet’s Italian Red – OUT OF STOCK

Discovered in Tonasket Washington, Chet’s Italian Red has proven to be a consistent yielder for growers in the Pacific Northwest. This softneck variety does well in cold climates, with lower temperatures bringing out a spicier flavor. Generally in the mid-range of flavor intensity, these bulbs yield 8-10 cloves per bulb.

Siskiyou Purple – OUT OF STOCK

A variation on one of the most commonly grown softneck varieties in the US, Siskiyou Purple is easy to grow and yields large blubs. It has a mild flavor and is marked by a purple tint over an off-white base. Each bulb yields 10-12 cloves.

silverskin garlic

Mild French – OUT OF STOCK

The Mild French garlic variety comes from the renowned seedhouse Porter & Sons in Stephenville, Texas. Mild French is extremely resilient even in the stifling heat of the Southern United States. Its plants grow taller and mature more quickly than most other members of the Silverskin family, and its bulbs will yield an average of 12-14 cloves.   Mild French’s flavor varies a bit based on the climate. It offers a bold flavor that has greater heat the further north it’s grown.

Nootka Rose – OUT OF STOCK

This variety is named for the Nootka Rose Farm in Washington State from which it hails. The cloves have a dark coloration, typically brown with red streaks. The bulbs from Nootka Rose tend to yield anywhere from 15-24 cloves each.   Nootka Rose has a strong flavor bordering on aggressive.

Rose Du Var – OUT OF STOCK

Imported from France, Rose Du Var garlic has a coloration to match its name with the cloves tending from pinkish to red. Its bulbs yield 8-12 cloves each.   Rose Du Var gives a strong, hot flavor that seems universal regardless of its growing climate.

Turban Garlic

Chinese Purple – OUT OF STOCK

A Turban variety that stores unusually well, Chinese Purple has a purple and white coloration with bulbs that average 8-12 cloves each. This garlic has a very strong flavor with higher than average heat, and it’s regarded as one of the more potent garlics available.