Just who are The Garlic Guys anyway?


We take our garlic seriously here at The Garlic Guys, but that doesn't mean we have to take ourselves too seriously. We're just three guys living the dream, and enjoying the dream we're living.
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Planting Season

Planting! Planting! Planting!
The Garlic Guys are getting ready for planting. Prepping the field and breaking the bulbs up into cloves. Its not too late to order your seed for your own garlic patch. Swing over to our STORE to see all of the varieties we have available.
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The Old Farm

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Just who are The Garlic Guys anyway?


A native Coloradan, Chris spent a decade working his tail off in the food business. Now unmistakably tail-less, Chris launched into a new and exciting career as a farmer after someone told him, “You can make a small fortune in farming if you start out with a large one.” Though we’re pretty sure we can still hear that person laughing, Chris decided to stick with the farming. He’s loved every minute of it, with the possible exception of a few days last year while planting garlic in frigid temperatures and high winds.

He and his wife are expecting their first farmhand later this year.

Ryan and Travis

Brothers from the great state of Washington, Ryan and Travis still carry with them the unshakable belief that the Seattle Seahawks are America’s team. After a few years of working indoors, they decided that some sunlight would help their pasty complexions, so they joined forces with Chris to start The Garlic Guys. When not sweating profusely on a hot summer’s day engaged in a grudge-match-to-the-death pulling bindweed out of the garlic patch, Ryan and Travis can be found sweating profusely in an air-conditioned living room engaged in a grudge-match-to-the-death in Call of Duty.