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After We Plant

It’s getting to be the time of year where all scheduling in the house revolves around three little words: after we plant.

Friend: “Hey let’s do dinner!”

Garlic Guy: “Yes! After we plant.”

Wife: “Honey, can you do this for me, please?”

Garlic Guy: “Probably not. But don’t ask me til after we plant.” 

Just kidding. Chris is actually very accommodating about my honey-do-lists.

Most talk in the house also revolves around planting and how exactly we’ll be organizing the mammoth project this year. Like I said in my last post, we’re planting double the amount of last year! But not wanting to double the time it took to plant all that, the guys have been busy coming up with ideas to speed up the process.

They designed a planter to pull behind the tractor that will make all the hole marks for the garlic cloves. Being pulled by the tractor it will seat two people who will drop the cloves in, as the holes are being made. At least, that’s how I understand the planter to work. I haven’t actually made it out to the field yet to look at this amazing contraption.

But it should dramatically speed things up.

And last I heard, it was all finished. Travis was out there the past two weeks hammering on things and viola! The planter was born! I’m excited to see it in action. Or even just see it. Gosh, I need to get out there. Luisa and I did go out there when they were working on it. But the guys were just sitting on a metal slab attached behind the tractor…staring. Blankly. We asked them what they were doing and were promptly informed they were “visualizing”.

Okay, then. :)

It looks like the visualizing paid off though, because they now have a working planter. Bravo guys!

Garlic Cloving

The rest of our planting talk has revolved around how to speed up the “cloving” part. In order to plant garlic, you have to separate all the cloves from the bulb – which takes FOREVER.

Garlic Cloving Insert

Especially when you’re prepping 2 acres worth of garlic seed.

Anyway, it’s been busy around here, and we’re all looking forward to things slowing down a bit. But, it’s like I said.

After we plant.