Season of Planting

Finished Another Year and Another Season of Planting

I don’t watch the news. I’m not old enough to be watching that all day! :) (Isn’t that our grandparents that keep it running in the background all day?)

I also do not get online and read the news. I’m not smart enough to read it. Or, care enough? Yeah, let’s go with that one instead. :)

But I do, however, check the weather  –  practically religiously!

Living on a farm, so much of the day’s plans revolve around whether or not the weather will allow such plans. And when you are not actually a full time farmer, the weather wreaks havoc on said plans routinely. It always seems to follow that the nice sunny, perfect weather days, are the days that all the Garlic Guys have to attend to their “real day jobs” (as we call them). And the days we plan to be farmers, are the days that are snowy, freezing, hurricane winds, hail, earthquakes, tornadoes and…. well, maybe not all of those. :) But, they generally are the “not very pleasant days” to be outside farming. And some days, just down right impossible to be outside farming.

Planting season was quite challenging as our plans were foiled by the weather almost weekly. We did manage to get the seed in however! It was very, very cold those days, but doable. The other planned days were sadly impossible for planting. We got a bunch of rain and then snow and that turned our fields too muddy for the tractor. So we had to wait for them to dry up. Usually by the time they did and then the next planned farm day arrived, go figure, it snowed the night before. Uhh. Weather, weather, weather.

But somehow we managed to get it done. :) The first planter Travis designed worked well enough, but they guys decided it wasn’t going fast enough with the so few days we were actually getting the weather to cooperate with us. After much thought, Travis came up with a new design for the planter and it moved about 8 times faster than the first planter – and about 1,000 times faster than planting by hand the previous year! Oh yeah, way to be inventive Travis! :)

The Guys are always coming up with new ways to get things done more efficiently. It’s a pretty nifty skill if you ask me. :)


So now that the planting is done, the Guys are pressing away at the rest of their to-do lists. (and mine!) New shelves in the living room for me, was the project of the previous weekend! And Travis’ truck will soon be finished. The Guys had to rebuild the entire engine and transmission and generally everything about it (as I understand). And that is a good thing. I mean after all, what is a farmer without a working truck. (Or any truck at all for that matter — Ryan) cough cough*. :) 

We had a great holiday break and lots of fun times together. (We always have fun together – but not always relaxing fun!) :)

We’re looking forward to the coming garlic season again and enjoying the extra time we’re getting now as the garlic prepares to grow.

We’re wishing you all the best in this brand new year as well!