Weeding and Reading

 Hello fellow garlic lovers!!!

Cate here again to share with you the adventures of the Garlic Guys.

At the beginning of April, I got this text from Travis:

“I was at the farm yesterday and all the garlic that was starting to grow froze and is dead :(“

I replied: “Oh my word! All of it? Every last one?”

“Yup :(“

“Oh no. So all that came up is dead. Just the shoots? Or the roots too? As in, will it ever grow again? And did a LOT come up?”

“Yeah, I think its completely dead, and a lot was coming up.”

“Oh great. What are we going to do? I guess there’s not much we can do, huh?”

“I don’t know… But it’s April fools so I think we’ll be okay. HAHAHAHAHAHA :p”

Haha. Very funny, Travis. Scared me half to death.

Contrary to Travis’ VERY funny joke, the garlic is NOT frozen, is very much alive, and is growing wonderfully. Again, haha.

The seed planted in the fall of last year is getting considerably tall. The second field is growing well also, although it was obviously planted later. The plants seem to be on average about 10 inches high, and as you drive by you can finally see strips of green where it has previously been simply a giant patch of brown dirt. A nice sight when all you’ve been doing for the last three months is looking at the patch of brown dirt thinking, Will it grow? Will all that work be worth it? I think it actually will.

Unfortunately, the weeds have been growing as well. Annoying how they do that, isn’t it? The Guys tried for a long time to devise something to weed the garlic patch on their own, like Travis did with the planter.


One day when Travis and Ryan were out in our workshop working on the aforementioned weeder, my five year old brother, Jude, came out and started talking to them.

“What are you doing, Ryan?”

“We’re making something to help us weed, Jude.”


So Ryan tried to explain it to him.

“I don’t understand how that helps you with weeding.”

So he tried to explain it again, this time using hand motions.

“See it goes through the weeds like this, and then it pulls them up.”

“Ohhhhh… I thought you meant weading, like weading a book!”

But the time spent working on something to help us weed (not read), has, sadly, produced no fruits of labor. Something to keep the weeds under control has turned out to be harder to design than we had hoped. The Guys are extremely conservative when it comes to buying farm equipment. Innovation has caused us to use things previously thought useless many times over, and it has served us well. This is generally due to Chris! I don’t know what we would do without him to keep us all in check… But this time, Travis’s inventiveness, Chris’s shrewd saving, and Ryan’s hard work failed us. The Guys resorted to going out and buying an old cultivator.

And it worked! Kind of…

It’s called a toolbar, and it actually did just what we wanted it too; it pulled up the weeds. Unfortunately, it’s not terribly efficient. And if there’s one thing we don’t like here on the farm, it’s inefficiency. You wouldn’t think that from seeing us planting and weeding by hand last year, but efficiency wasn’t really our goal back then. Honestly, we just wanted to see if it would even grow in the first place, and we’d cross the weeding bridge when we came to it. Then we came to it, and well, we realized that we now had to weed an entire acre of garlic by hand. That was less than ideal. We’ve definitely learned our lesson from that time. Efficiency is our middle name now, and we’re never going back to the time when it wasn’t.

So… since this cultivator wasn’t very adept at weeding at the speed and ease we wanted it to, the Guys had to go and buy a new one. So much for buying equipment rather than inventing it out of thin air! Not that that worked, either. But good news! The new one is perfect. Travis couldn’t have done any better himself. Oh, that’s right, he didn’t. Haha…

It’s been raining and snowing though! The ground is all wet, and therefore there’s been no opportunity to use the amazing weeder. Yes, amazing. It’s shocking what can become amazing when you work out in the field for a living.

But truly, I can’t wait for this garlic to be out of the ground and in our pantry again. We’ve used all that we saved from last year, and I have to say, I miss it. Every time we use it as seasoning in the dinner, my dad always, always comments, “Did you do something different to this recipe? It tastes even better than usual.” Why, yes, that would be the garlic grown right here in Colorado by your very own Garlic Guys. We’ve already begun getting preorders, so if you want some of this amazing homegrown garlic, you should put in an order right now before it’s too late! I know I would if I weren’t working with the Garlic Guys. One of the perks to the work, you get all the garlic you want, fresh from the field.

Last note: Are you curious what other riddles we told way out in the garlic field those last few weeks of planting? I”m giving you one of them here, and you can check back in in a week or so for the answer in the next post. Travis practically had to tell my sister Grace and me the answer to this one, so if you can guess it, you’re brilliant!

Q: The poor have it. The rich need it. And if you eat it, you die. What is it?